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More than just a computer Store  ...


30 Years of experience in the computer industry.

In 1987 NCI started as just another computer store, 
selling and servicing standard PC's and setting up Networks. By 1999 we designed and manufactured
our own All-In-One Touchscreen Computer which
we marketed to the medical and dental community
as our Denteum Chairside Computer. Over the years
we expanded our in-house design and production capabilities and we now offer full design and manufacturing services to our customers.

Now in 2017 we have just launched our new webstore
with over 15000 items and free ground shipping on orders of $1000.00 or more.




Custom as well as standard computers

Like other computer stores, we sell and service standard computer products. Our webstore has over 15000 different items that we just resell. What makes us a little different is our capability to design and build custom computers as well as other electronics.
When we say design, we really mean design, not just the assembly and configuration of off the shelf PC components. We design schematics, we layout printed circuit boards, we develop custom firmware, and we even design machined parts, sheet metal parts, and plastic parts when required. We even help our customers with getting UL and FCC for their products. 
In-short we do Real Product Engineering for customers.


From Concept to Prodcution ready Products

Originally NCI added engineering capabilities in-house to support their own needs. However as customers began to understand what NCI was capabile of doing, they started asking us if we could engineer products for them as well. So we started taking on customer projects, To date we have designed all kinds of things from very simple items like fan controllers, LED boards, massage pillows, front panel boards, and touch screen controllers to more complex things like monitor controllers, computer motherboards and even slot machines. Many of our design and engineering projects are not even computer related. Call us today so we can discuss your Engineering needs.

PCB Assembly

Prototypes and Production 

NCI's In-house SMT assembly line, consists of a MPM stencil printer, an Assembleon pick and place machine, and a Assure reflow oven, NCI also added a KISS-100 Selective Soldering machine in-house to handle the soldering of non SMT components. Selective soldering eliminates the need for hand soldering of through hole parts. It lowers costs and creates more consistent soldering than posible with hand soldering. Our SMT line can handle parts as small as 0402's. If you need pcb’s assembled that have parts smaller than 0402’ NCI can still handle your PCB assembly jobs for you, by out sourcing the assembly through one of it's affiliates.


SIP Phones

Sip Trunking and FreePBX setup 

When our old phone system died, we knew that we could have just repaired the old land line based phone system. However we decided to replace it, with new modern SIP phones. We looked around and determined that Grandstream was the best solution for us. Being computer savvy, we bought some Grandstream phones and setup a FreePBX server. When our customers saw what we setup for ourselves they became interested. When they find out how much SIP trunking reduced our phone bill, they started asking us to setup phone systems for them as well. We soon became Grandstream resellers.


Unfortunally some of our best projects can't be shown here as they are covered by NDA's

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